The Tamil Meena Sign Meaning

In Indian Astrology the Tamil Meenam zodiac sign is Jupiter, the Waterlord. The English name is Pisces and the Sanskrit name is Meena, meaning fish.

Indian Astrology

An ancient science, Indian Astrology is based upon knowledge gained by saints and sages on planetary influences that evolved long before Western astrologers and astronomers were born and has its roots in the Vedas dating back to 1500 BC

Jyothisah or Light

No other science is more interesting, useful, and instructive contributing to the material and moral advancement of mankind than that of Indian Astrology. The science is based on foretelling the future events in the lives of individuals or nations that rely on the movements of the planets, known in Sanskrit as Jyotisha or Light. It interprets the future of a man as it conceives it moulded by birth or previous Karma as indicated by the planetary positions present at the time of the persons birth.

It has 3 branches: Samhita, Hora, and Siddhanta. Siddhantas devote themselves to the study of celestial bodies, Samhitas focus on earth quakes, volcanos, floods, weather conditions, rainfall, economic conditions and mundane astrology. Hora seeks to predict the timing of various events in everyday life.

Nadi astrology or Nadi Shastra gives pictures the patterns of life and destiny of individuals born at 12, 24, and 48-second intervals written on palm leaves by ancient sages. Only a few experts are able to read and understand Nadi, the predictions and results of which are amazingly accurate.

People born under the sign of Meena are analytical and very emotional in their behaviour, with fluctuating moods. With great love and affection for family, they may have many relatives. Children born to Meena parents are considered to be very fortunate. Meena people have lots of compassion and a desire to be of help to all those who suffer. They may have to suffer certain ailments due to long journeys and at certain periods in life they may need to lead a secluded life. Meena people have a great fascination for the occult and studies of the physical sciences.

They are likely to bear more daughters than sons and frequently suffer from mucous discharges and common colds. Meenas are bound to succeed if they pursue artistic or intellectual paths in the lives. Good Dasas are from Mars, Ketu, and the Moon. Bad Dasas are of Mercury, Venus, and the Sun which will be very critical periods in their lives. Such are the characteristics of thos born under the Tamil Meenam zodiac sign.

The Horse Chinese Zodiac Sign And Its Characteristics

The Chinese Zodiac is one of mystery and fascination, according to George Tang and his site. It has been around for thousands of years and is often used not just in China but in Japan, Vietnam, Korea, Nepal, Sri Lanka and other Asian countries. It works similarly to Western astrology except that instead of 12 monthly signs that govern the sky throughout the year there are 12 signs that govern one year at a time for 12-year cycles.

These cycles are based on the planet Jupiter and its orbit. It is the largest planet in our solar system and it is the basis for the signs in Chinese astrology. The signs are the Rat, Ox, Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon, Snake, Monkey, Horse, Goat, Rooster, Dog. Each sign has traits and attributes which dictate the path a person will likely be on for life, and it all depends on what year of the Chinese Zodiac that they are born under.

A person who is born under the sign of the Horse is born during the seventh year of a full 12-year cycle. Some of the more recent years of the Horse were 1966, 1978, 1990, 2002, as well as 2014. The next Horse will be the year 2026.

Of all the traits found in those who are born under this sign the greatest are energy and enthusiasm. The element most closely associated with the sign is the element of fire.or, as it is pronounced in Chinese, Huo. Their lucky flowers include Calla Lily and Jasmine.

People born under this sign also tend to be lucky with colors like brown, yellow and purple. These individuals are easygoing and warm-hearted. They make friends easily. They like to be independent and because of their ability to maintain stamina, they develop great power in life. They have a very strong positive energy.

As for their weaknesses, they tend to spend a lot of money. This can be counteracted by their abilities to succeed in business. They sometimes do lack persistence when trying to succeed and that can get in the way of the power they do possess to endure in life.

Horses are well suited to the Tiger, Sheep, and Rabbit signs in the Chinese Zodiac. If they are matched at birth, they will make a well-matched pair with lots to share in common. They do all right with the Monkey sign and the Dragons or Dogs but should avoid the Ox, Rooster, Rat or other Horses.

Best Jobs For Those That Have The Pisces Astrological Symbol

According to astrologer Lucien Holm, If you were born under the symbol of Pisces in astrology, you will have different personality characteristics as people that are born under different symbols. There have been many psychologists that have identified that people can have one of 16 different personalities, all of which is scientifically based. In astrology, each person can have one of 12 different personality traits, each related to the zodiac symbol that they are related to buy birth. If you were born as a Pisces, there are certain jobs that you will do better at.

Characteristics Of A Pisces

A Pisces is known for having quite a bit of empathy. They have a highly developed emotional sense of understanding the feelings of others. They are going to be more artistic, and typically more intuitive. These qualities are going to lead them toward having certain jobs. Pisces tend to be compatible with a couple other zodiac signs including those that are born under the signs of Taurus and Sagittarius. Now let’s look at the jobs that they might be more compatible with because of these personality traits that they are born with.

Best Jobs For A Pisces

The best jobs for people that are born under the sign of Pisces will include being a photographer, filmmaker, or a religious teacher. They may even become a psychic, a monk, or a nun, or they may deviate to become a bartender. These are people that like to interact with others and have no problem being in large crowds. Therefore, the jobs that will make them the happiest will be those that put them in the middle of all of the action. People will naturally gravitate toward them, or want them around, because of how empathetic they naturally are. In addition to this, because they are intuitive, they will likely end up in a management position where they can be successful.

Now that you know this, if you are a Pisces, you might want to consider a change in career. If you are not happy with your current job, then you might consider some of these possibilities if you would like to do something that will be much more rewarding for you. Although this is not science, many people have used horoscopes and astrology to help them find soulmates and jobs that they really enjoy. It’s worth a try if you are desperately seeking a different career that will make you much happier.