2816 Monument is about the inhabitants of apartment 3. Flawed individuals trying to make the best of their lives despite mistakes both past and present.

“Likeable, loveable and downright near perfect comic that deserves every bit of your attention.”

–Brian Cee, Champion City Comics

“Mixes three parts comedy, one part absurdity, and just a dash of drama to keep you tethered to the story.”

–Jason Poland, Robbie and Bobby

“Fun and quirky comic you won’t won’t be able to take your eyes off of”

–Todd McElmurry, Webcomics Alliance

“I think the word to describe [2816 Monument] is poignancy, which strangely, has four definitions which all fit 2816 Monument nicely.”

–Delos Woodruff,  Artpatient.com


About the Author

2816 Monument was created by Mark Luetke. I am a web developer and illustrator living and working in Richmond VA which is also the setting for this particular web comic. You can find more of my work at schmacklab.com as well as find me on Top Shelf Comics. I also founded and moderate the subreddit r/comic_cits where you will find a ton of awesome artists looking to lend a helping hand.


About the content

This comic is definitely not safe for kids.

This comic contains a very intense sequence that may be disturbing for some viewers. Hover over the spoiler below for more details and to determine if this comic is right for you.


This comic contains a scene that depicts the molestation and attempted rape of a child followed by the murder of the abuser.